PostPartum Hair Loss is A Thing-3 Steps I am Taking

Two months ago I discovered that I was losing my hair. I was losing my edges at a very rapid pace. I did a quick search on instagram to see how other mamas looked with their postpartum hair loss and discovered that we all lost hair in the same areas. There was a bald spot right around the edges. It’s a totally normal thing and we can blame our good ole hormones for this change. My mind was blown! I wrote about this in a previous post when l first discovered my locs were thinning and I had to cut one of my locs out from the root. I may have been totally dramatic when I wrote it but hey, it was scary. This postpartum journey is full of surprises, ups and many downs. It definitely is an adjustment period. Our bodies are going through soo much! It took nine months to grow our babies and it takes time for our bodies to heal after having our babies. We can’t expect to bounce back that fast. (I think this is more so me talking to myself too)

I read that the shedding/thinning would slow down by month six. Well it is month six and I can confidently say that my hair is growing back. My edges did not grow back at 100% but progress is progess. I am celebrating it. I have been taking the time to nurture my scalp and it’s been so worth it. Here are three steps that I took to nurture my scalp.

  1. Protective Style- I put my hair in this style called “Loc Petals” to reduce having tension on my scalp. I also combined some locs that were thinning. If my locs were just hanging down I feel that it would have made my edges worse. Putting my hair into a protective style allows me to simply focus on treating my scalp and not pulling it back into a ponytail. I plan to keep these loc petals in for another month or two. Also it hides my edges! WOOHOOO!
  2. Castor Oil-Castor oil is my bestfriend. It’s the only oil that my hair loves. I tried wildgrowth oil before, but it doesn’t mositurize my scalp. My hair is very thick and can be very dry. I’ve been using the brand “Sunny Isle” and I love them! I recently won one of their giveaways on instagram for their castor oil shampoo and conditioner. I use it on my daughters hair and her hair does so well with both. What are some benefits of Castor Oil? Castor oil controls hair loss, thickens hair, repairs split ends and boots hair growth. I use castor oil as a leave in hot oil treatment. It does my locs so well.
  3. Rose Water-I feel like rose water should be a staple for anyone that has locs. It gives my hair soo much life and it feels good to spray it on my scalp. You can use the Heritage brand of rosewater. I will put rosewater and vitamin e oil into a spray bottle. Trust me, this works wonders.

Though my spirit dampened when I discovered that my hair was initially falling out, I took this as a sign to re-focus on self care. To reset. To accept the process . If you are going through the same I hope you take the time to practice some self care and trust the process. Sending love and light to you all!

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