I believe in God, but I believe in therapy too

Hi, I’m Nacia. After the birth of my daughter, I experienced PPD and have become a huge advocate for mental health, postpartum wellness and self-care.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

My Tulsi Plant Died

I read somewhere that when house plants die, it meant that it protected you from something and that the job was done. I wondered if that Tulsi plant played a vital role in protecting me from some unknown force and had served its purpose.


“Healing is not Linear.” I think when we understand that, the second part of […]

Yoga and Wine? Count me in

I ventured out this past weekend to a vineyard for the first time. I know what you’re probably saying, you’ve never been to a vineyard? Yup. I haven’t.

Romanticizing My Life

I decided to romanticize my life. I decided to make it my mission to enjoy every single aspect of my life, to do things with ease, to digest things, to take things all in.

I’m a Working Mom, Sometimes I wish I wasn’t

I am incredibly grateful of the career that I’ve established straight out of good ole’ Rutgers University. I am also incredibily grateful that God placed so many assignments on my heart, however, I feel as if I’ve missed so many good moments with my daughter.

A Moment.

I witnessed something beautiful yesterday. I have a co-worker that is retiring after 35 […]

I Am Her Mother

God makes no mistakes That’s what they say, we say these things to bandage […]

Losing Someone to PPD

This is an absolute trigger warning so before you read this, beware. I understand that this is a sensitive topic but it’s a topic that I feel called to address today. It’s a topic that we do not discuss often.

Products That Helped Combat My Postpartum Hair Loss

I started experiencing postpartum hair loss around four months postpartum. I finally found a few products that are great for nuturing the scalp and encouraging hair growth. Here’s to protecting our edges!

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