From The Garden of Eden

Stories of Motherhood, Postpartum & Healing

The Garden of Eden series brings women together to share their experiences on motherhood, postpartum depression, self-care and so so so much more.

Paige Aponte On Motherhood, Having a Home Birth, Healing & More

Meet Paige Aponte. Paige shares her experiences today on the blog in motherhood, self care and postpartum depression. She discusses pregnancy loss, grief and healing. Paige also talks about her decision to have a home birth with her third child. She is also the owner of Moon, Fruit + Flower Apothecary, empowering women through wellness products.

Angelia Cramer On Being a Mom of 2 Under 2, Self Care & Faith

Meet Angelia Cramer. Angela Cramer kicks off the “From The Garden of Eden” series here on lavenderblissonline. She took the time to share her story with me. She shares her experience on being a mother of two beautiful girls, her birthing experience with both of her girls, postpartum and her faith. She also recounts giving birth during the pandemic and encourages moms to own a VAN! I hope you enjoy.

Let’s Talk ! From The Garden of Eden Series

Hi everyone! Just wanted to actually show my face on the blog and talk to you all about the From The Garden of Eden Series that is currently going on here on the blog. I’m always behind the scenes so this is very very weird for me , but this year is all about connection!

From The Garden of Eden: Stories of Motherhood, Postpartum and Healing

This is how, “From the Garden of Eden: Stories of Motherhood, Postpartum and Healing” came to fruition. Within this series, I’ve asked women a couple of questions regarding mental health, self care and motherhood. Fun Fact: Just as I am sharing my journey with you, these are all women that I’ve crossed paths with at some part of my life.Throughout the month of January, I will share responses from women who chose to be vulnernable just as I’ve been with you.

Want to share your story?

I am always looking to connect with other mamas! If you are interested in participating in the From The Garden of Eden series. Complete the contact form and I will reach out to you.

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