Creating Space for Sunflowers

I have a new fond love and appreciation for sunflowers. I can honestly say that these are my favorite flowers, atleast for now. It all started when I looked for ideas for a new tattoo on Pinterest. I am looking for a tattoo that can represent my little one and I. I discovered semi-giant tattoos of a sunflower with a childs name. I saved them all and will get one of them tattooed on my shoulder sometime soon. I recently purchased a new vehicle and decided that I wanted to decorate the car and make it feel like… me. I haven’t decorated my car since freshman year of college so all of the feel good hormones came pouring back to me as I searched the internet for inspiration. It felt amazing to decorate this car. I searched on Amazon and found sunflower everything and went crazy from car seat covers, steering wheel covers, license plate covers, it may be too much for some but it’s mine and I love it. My little sunflower mobile. I picked up sunflowers from Trader Joes for no reason at all, just because, and have them on the livingroom table. Sometimes I will let my little one hold these giant sunflowers until she pulls it’s leaves off.

I wanted to know why I became drawn to these sunny flowers. Why now? I wanted to know the meaning behind this flower that I now made a place for in my life. Surely this flower didn’t find me by accident. I did a search and discovered the following:

Symbolism of Sunflowers

  • adoration, loyalty, longevity, happiness
  • In China, it’s associated with longlife, good fortune and vitality

Did I come across some good mojo? Did the Universe open up for me to bring these in my life for good fortune? I have been putting in the work on healing and I do feel the difference. I see the difference. Does this all mean that I am on the right track? I’d hope so. It’s also said that filling the space with these flowers is said to reduce stress and anxiety. I can’t say that it is a true remedy for stress and anxiety. Had it been a true cure for stress and anxiety I would bathe in a tub full of sunflowers, trust me, but it does something for me. I enjoy being surrounded by them.

Here’s to filling up your space with your favorite flowers, just because.

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