From The Garden of Eden: Stories of Motherhood, Postpartum and Healing

I think it’s time for me to let others tell their stories. This has been placed on my heart and I am ready to take hold of it.

One week ago, I began reading Sara Jakes Roberts book, “Woman Evolve” and begin to devour each page of the book. The words danced on the page and nurtured my soul in many ways unexplainable. I had to gather myself a couple of times while reading it because she hit a couple parts of me that needed to hear it. Whew, Chile. I cried. I reflected. I thanked God for carrying me through situations I didn’t think I would get through. I became empowered.

As you know, I’ve been on this journey of therapy and healing. I didn’t know how much I needed this book until I started reading it. This book brought to light Eve in Genesis. As I reflected back on Eve and the countless stories I’ve heard over the years blaming her for all of the suffering we as women faced, it really had me thinking, “Have we taken a moment to look at Eve as a human being?” I saw a lot of myself in Eve. Her being tempted to eat the apple, falling to that temptation and the disobedience. The shame that came afterwards when Eve and Adam’s eyes were opened. Mrs. Sara Jakes Roberts did a beautiful job retelling accounts in Genesis, bringing awareness to soul care and even having moments where we can reflect on our own experiences.

Jesus’ mission was not only to redeem humanity but also to raise up individuals who could continue to spread awareness of humanity’s ability to rise above fear, anxiety, insecurity, shame, pride ego, and all the other bitter fruit that the serpent planted in the garden”

Woman Evolve, Sara Jakes Roberts

This reminded me of my journey and the work I’ve been doing here on lavenderblissonline. I share my experiences in hopes that others can connect and feel heard too. I wrote, “In the Middle of A Pandemic: A Pregnancy Journey” for all of the new moms especially those that were pregnant during this global pandemic.

This book encouraged me to reach out to other women to share their stories with me on motherhood, selfcare, soul care and postpartum. This is how, “From the Garden of Eden: Stories of Motherhood, Postpartum and Healing” came to fruition.

Thanks to Mrs. Sara Jakes Roberts, I became inspired.

Had I not read this book, I wouldn’t have been encouraged enough to reach out to, at the moment, 10 amazing women to share their stories with me. LET ME TELL YOU. I did not think these incredible women would say “Yes” to sharing their intimate thoughts with me and ultimately with you on the blog. I remember driving in my car with tears in my eyes because I was so grateful for each one of them deciding to take part in this new series.

Within this series, I’ve asked women a couple of questions regarding mental health, self care and motherhood. Fun Fact: Just as I am sharing my journey with you, these are all women that I’ve crossed paths with at some part of my life. I wanted them to reflect on their own experiences and also realize that they are more than mothers themselves. They each took the time and told their stories. I believe this series is needed. I believe many other mama’s would love to see that they are not the only ones going through something. That they are not alone in their experiences.

“Father, I ask that You give every woman reading this book the strength to open herself to You…Grant her courage to sand up in the area where she’s tempted to fall. Attract to her teachers, friends, community, and love that force her to raise her head and trust again”

Woman Evolve, Sara Jakes Roberts

That prayer above, yes that prayer. Had me in boo-hoo tears.

Throughout the month of January, I will share responses from women who chose to be vulnernable just as I’ve been with you.

I hope you stay awhile.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, let’s all continue to journey.

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