The Sweetest Remedy by Jane Igharo Book Review

I finished reading, “The Sweetest Remedy” by Jane Igharo. This is the first book that I’ve read by Jane Igharo. The book touches upon topics such as identity, romance, culture and family. It follows Hannah Bailey, who after the passing of her father, travels to Nigeria to attend his funeral. This was one of her father’s last requests, for her to attend his funeral and meet her family in Nigeria. She struggles with being accepted by her Nigerian family while discovering so much more about her fathers life. She indulges in Nigerian cuisine, fashion and even has a new romance with Lawrence. Though the book is told from Hannah’s perspective, it also shifts between her siblings. We get a glimpse of everyones reactions to Hannah’s presence.

Our culture and our family and the people in our lives can help shape who we are, but ultimately, I think it’s up to us to decide who we want to be-to rely on ourselves and no one else.”

Jane Igharo, The Sweetest Remedy

I applaud Hannah for even taking the leap to go to Nigeria. I absolutely loved the scene where Hannah first arrived and met all of her family. I loved the back and forth between characters. I loved all of the arguments. As a reader, we felt how Hannah did not feel welcomed there. I loved that tension.

Though Igharo did a great job with that, you are probably going to be upset with me for writing this, but I am being 100% honest with you all here on the blog, when I say that I was not a fan of this book. Had the book not had an attractive cover, I probably would not have picked it up. I skimmed through reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and noticed that everyone was in love with this book. I decided to continue to try to get into it. It wasn’t a page turner for me. I really struggled to finish this book, to sit with this book. I really wanted to love this book and be fully immersed in Nigeria as if I too hopped on the next flight there. The cover of this book is absolutely beautiful. It gave the image that this book would be a reflection of that. I am disappointed. Though at times the book was sweet, it wasn’t enough of it. I felt that Igharo could have done soo much more with the topics that she addressed throughout the book.  I wanted more, more romance and drama. I wish Igharo dived more into that romance aspect.  There was a lot that she could have unpacked but didn’t. I felt as if she did not go into depth and because of that, it didn’t allow me to sink my teeth into the story. It was a very surface level read for me. I believe if you are looking for a book that is easy to read, this book would be for you, but I was disappointed. 

Happy Reading Folks!

Here’s a review I posted on TikTok of this book:

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