Currently Binging Colleen Hoover’s Books

So I am on a Colleen Hoover binge and I am three books deep. I just finished reading Reminders of Him last week. Verity arrived in the mail the other day. I am taking a break to read a different book right now but wanted to share my thoughts so far on her work. So far, out of the three books that I read, I really loved Reminders of Him (which I also reviewed here on the blog). I feel that she did an amazing job with that book. My least favorite so far is Ugly Love. 

Let’s start with It Ends With Us. I am really excited to read the sequel to this book. I preordered the sequel on Amazon last week. Though I enjoyed reading this book, I didn’t really connect with Atlas as much as I did Ryle. I am hoping that Atlas grows on me more in the sequel. I am most excited about Ryle and Lily’s co-parenting relationship. I think it would be interesting to see how that is reflected in the book. Considering Ryle’s personality and the abuse, I am most certain that he will give Lily a hard time. How else do I know that he will be a very difficult co-parent? At the end of the book, Lily is bringing their little one to him so that they can switch off. Lily may have been running late, however, Ryle blew up her phone with the persistent phone calls.  He constantly called her as she was making her way to him. It’s just little moments like that, where Ryle tries to exhibit some type of control and I believe he will not like the idea of Atlas being around his daughter. It’s going to be a struggle. I am really interested to see what Hoover does with this. I love the idea of Lily moving on with her life with Atlas. I just don’t think Ryle would like this. BUT WHO CARES WHAT RYLE THINKS RIGHT? Lily needs to be happy too.

I initially liked Ugly Love, but as weeks passed, I thought about something. I would have rather heard the story from Rachel’s perspective instead of Tate. I would have rather had a story of Miles and Rachel instead of Miles and Tate. It would have been interesting to see how Rachel was able to move on, marry and have another child. Her healing process would have also been beautiful. I feel that Miles should have gone to therapy. Had he went to therapy, he would not have waited all of those years to receive love again. Though he would not have been able to fully get over the loss of his child, what parent would? He would have been about to fully process it and work through. After some time, I found that this book was just not my favorite.

Reminders of Him is hands down one of the best I’ve read of hers so far and I am so glad that she told that story. As heartbreaking as it was, I am glad that I read it. I really do not have any cons about this book.  I’ll leave my full review of this book below. I am looking forward to reading more of her work. Colleen Hoover’s books have gotten me out of a reading funk and this is fun, this is healing. 

Happy Reading Folks.

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