Colleen Hoover Is The New Nicholas Sparks

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I was on a Colleen Hoover binge. As a result, I’ve read four of her books. I’ve read “It Ends With Us”, “Ugly Love”, “Reminders of Him” and “Verity”.  Reminders of Him still stands as my favorite book out of the four that I have read. The binge has ended. I’ve read what I needed to read. I thought her work was decent, enjoyable and easy to read, but as I continued reading it, leading up to Verity, I found it to be rather repetitive. 

Do you remember when Nicholas Sparks first came out? We were all obsessed with his books and movies. He was the talk of the town. After a while, I realized that there was a pattern in his work. Not only did his books lack diversity, but it was the same theme over and over again. Some  town in North Carolina, lack of diversity, falling in love, something happens…the same narrative.  I stopped reading his books and never picked up another one of his books again. 

Though Hoover’s books are a bit darker than Sparks, it gives off the same vibe. There’s a pattern of death, lack of diversity, someone falls in love, lots of sex…this became lackluster to me. I found myself skipping through Verity for this reason. Maybe authors get so comfortable with writing the same style and leave no room to adjust to something else. Maybe they find that this is what is selling, so they keep producing the same work by using different characters.

I pre-ordered the sequel to It Ends With Us which comes out in October, and I think that may be the last book I read from her. I’ll definitely review the sequel when it releases but I will not be reading any more of her books until then. I wanted to give this author a chance, and I did. I’m glad I experienced her work, just as I did Nicholas Sparks, when he first came out. I am also glad that so many people are reading now and finding that to be their escapism. Every book is not for everyone.

In the meantime, I’ve listed reviews of the books that I did read by Hoover below.

Happy Reading Folks.

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