A New Season

A former co-worker gave me a lucky bamboo plant. I am a firm believer that plants are amazing gifts to gift and receive, especially when gifted with intention. I am writing this on a rainy night here while snuggled up in my comforter thinking about that bamboo plant and new seasons. The lucky bamboo plant is said to bring prosperity, good fortune, advancement and a long full life. I currently have this plant sitting on top of a dresser in my room next to the window in hopes of it bringing in all that it said it could. Here’s the thing, I am in a new season of my life. I didn’t realize that I was in a new season until tonight. Maybe it’s the rain putting me in my feels or maybe it’s just me realizing…that I am alright in this new season. I left the school district and I am a mother to a growing toddler.  Sometimes we don’t realize we are in a new season until we are in it and that’s alright too. 

I started this blog almost two years ago because I was in the middle of a postpartum depression episode and needed an outlet. I considered this blog to be a means of therapy and healing. I also wanted to connect with others that were experiencing postpartum depression as well. I was in therapy for a year and half. My therapist actively worked with me to heal. She was patient. She called me out on my shit. She helped me. I liked her. I still do. Recently, I came back to me. It happened over three months ago. It hit me out of nowhere and washed over my body as if I was pouring a glass of water over my head. This feeling of being. This feeling of being okay. Me. BUT BETTER. It was euphoric. I finally felt like I saw the light of day and saw myself fully for the first time in so long. I hope everyone that is experiencing postpartum depression, gets to that point.

This is why I haven’t written here consistently in months. I have turned to reading books because I have found that I enjoy doing so. I have been deep into learning new things, hobbies, people, jobs and you may have noticed that I have been reviewing books here and there on the blog. I’ve taken a liking to talking about books on social media because in all honesty, I have no one else to fangirl with outside of social media. Life is strange in that way. 

Since I am in this new season, I want to begin to share some of what I am feeling, where I am at in life, here on the blog, outside of mental health and PPD. Not in this post though. Several posts to come. In the meantime, thank you for following my journey here on lavenderblissonline, I am doing okay. If there is any constellation, the bamboo plant is giving me life. I hope you stick around. I hope you stay a while.

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