In the Middle of a Pandemic: A Pregnancy Journey

Hello again. Life, has happened. Well, life is always happening right? I took more than enough time away from this platform, but I am back. While life was happening, I changed careers. I left good ole Corporate America and went into the school district. Can we just address the level of toxicity that Corporate America has because, oh my gosh, I was stressed out so bad while working in Corporate America to the point where I developed tinnitus. I didn’t have any issues with tinnitus when I started my new career. It all, faded away. Moreover, the pandemic hit while I was away. Side Note: can you believe we are still in the middle of this pandemic? I also welcomed a beautiful baby girl during the middle of this pandemic. She is four months now and the absolute love of my life.

My daughter and I

It’s amazing how life can change in the blink of an eye or in my case, in a span of three years. I started this blog in 2017 and I am just getting back to it. I missed writing. Writing used to be a form of therapy for me, but I got distracted with life’s happenings and was unable to put my thoughts down on paper, until I became pregnant with my baby girl. I documented my entire pregnancy from photos to maintaining a journel. I wrote a book. Yes, a whole book. Which you can find on Amazon titled, “In the Middle of a Pandemic: A Pregnancy Journey”.

In the Middle of a Pandemic: A Pregnancy Journey by Nacia Jackson

I don’t know about other mamas, but my pregnancy journey especially during this global pandemic, was emotionally taxing. I wanted to share my journey with you in with hopes of discovering that my journey was not unique. This, is my first child, my first time being pregnant. Everything was new to me. If you decide to read my book, you will find that it is not as pretty as you’d like, it is heavy, it is deep. A lot of women don’t discuss how pregnancy thoroughly changes their way of thinking. It’s like the hormones are extreme and I had to find ways to manage my sanity. I am glad to be back to share my journey with you. I’m excited to be back. I am glad to be here to continue what I started in 2017 now that I am settling into this new mom thing. I hope you continue to journey with me.

Link to purchase is below:

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