Girl, put your records on

Alexa, play Corinne Bailey Rae “Put your records on”.

I am so happy to be in this new season of my life. Spring, where have you been? What took you so damn long? This season was surely worth the wait. There’s this new sense of being when the weather is warmer. There’s something about warm weather that calls for new energy. It felt amazing to open up the curtains, open up the windows to let a breeze in, to wash some linens, pull a couple of pieces out of the closet to donate or to resell. Spring is here ya’ll and I am ready for this. So ready. I needed this transition. I’ve never been so happy to hear birds chirping outside of my window.

Corinne Bailey Rae sings,

“Three little birds/ sat on my window/ and they told me I don’t need to worry”

Today is a new day. We are in an entirely new season. It calls for new energy. I am preparing for newness and shedding another layer of myself. The fall and winter months were heavy, intense. This lockdown, hibernation paired with cold weather was a recipe for depression and stagnent energy. I know the lockdown isn’t completely over but I am glad to be able to step outside for some fresh air.

This time with my little one.

We ofcourse should still step outside responsibly and adhere to social distancing guidelines, wear a mask, sanitize, you know the per usual, but I have to find joy this season, somehow, someway. I have to do things that bring me joy despite still being in the middle of this pandemic.

I look forward to connecting, re-connecting and establishing new relationships especially with other mamas. I look forward to spending hours outside soaking in some fresh air. Being outside, in fresh air, is a free therapy session. It’s the perfect time to connect with myself and with other people that make me feel good. I mean, no more stagnant energy in this season folks. We had enough of that in 2020. It’s time to surrender ourselves to cozy, feel good energy, to good people, to even just lighting a couple of candles picked up at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Though we still have to take safety precautions, I look forward to having a good long ass phone call or video chat just connecting with people that I haven’t seen in months.

I want to sit out on the front porch and thoroughly enjoy a cup of coffee or tea (even if that cup of coffee/tea is only full of herbs to boost my milk supply). I want to enjoy a slight breeze while my daughter sits in her bouncy chair getting in some fresh air with me.

Jersey had beautiful weather yesterday. I thought the fresh air surely would help my little one sleep well, but I ended up tiring myself out rather than tiring HER out. It was still nice to be outdoors.

This weather makes you want to do things like, joyfully say hello to your neighbors and their dogs, to ask them how their family is holding up. I even chatted with my neighbors that sat on their porch swing drinking coffee of their own. Everyone was happy. My neighbors ventured out with their dogs this weekend, some for the first time because I didn’t even know that they had a dog.

Every single one of them had a smile on their faces. How do I know? Because no one wore a mask. It was actually nice to see a smile.

I say this to say, I hope you get the chance to explore the outdoors in this new season. Maybe catch up with a friend or two, or speak to your neighbors for the first time. Delight in the healing powers of nature and shed some of that lingering weight from the winter. *No , not physical weight people, who cares if you gained some pounds, I mean metaphysically speaking, some spiritual weight.

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