Books I Read This Month That Just Makes Sense

I’ve enjoyed discussing mental health this month with all of you. It’s something that is very dear to my heart and if you’ve read my prior posts, you will see that I am stuggling as well. I will keep this topic going on my blog. It’s important to shine light to mental health because we are allll going through something, even if we do not discuss it with others.

Since having my baby, I’ve been fully committed to healing all aspects of myself and putting in the work, which is not easy at all. I feel like I have been fighting this postpartum depression. It’s a constant battle, but it surely has led to me discovering so much about myself while in the process of healing.

I wanted to share two books that I’ve read this month that have helped me so far in my journey. If you plan on reading any of these books, I highly recommend actually purchasing the book. If you purchase the book, you will be able to fully experience it by highlighting, taking notes, following journal prompts and what have you.

First up, The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health: Navigate an Unequal System, Learn Tools for Emotional Wellness, and Get the Help You Deserve by Rheeda Walker. Sis spoke a word in this book. She addresses how mental health is seen in the Black community while providing ways to conquer situations that are troubling you. She also provides prompts and moments of reflections. One thing that really stuck out to me in this book is how she discusses mental health and the church. I absolutely loved the fact that she said that sometimes we need more than prayer, “Sometimes God sends you a therapist”. IDK about you, but I needed to hear that. My therapist has CHANGED MY LIFE! Before therapy, I prayed, I hoped to get past the situation I am dealing with , nothing was working for me. I felt like my prayers were going unanswered, but my THERAPIST. If Covid wasn’t going on and if my sessions were not virtual I would hug her. Though I still have soo much work to do, I am not in the same headspace I was BEFORE therapy.

Give yourself space to have good days and bad days

-The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health, Rheeda Walker, PHD

See that quote? I jotted that down in my journal when I was reading it. I plan on putting that on a sticky note as well. Hopefully that quote resignates with you as well. I can’t express this enough, we seriously need to show ourselves more compassion. We need to be patient withourselves. We are all human.

You can purchase her book here on Amazon :

I discovered a Red Table Talk on Facebook that discussed Narcissism. If you don’t know what Red Table Talk is, it is a talk show starring Willow Smith, Jada Smith and Jada’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris. On this particular eposide, Shahida Arabi was there, discussing this topic and sitting in sessions with people. She also gave examples of situations. I will provide a separate post for Narcissism because there’s soo much I can talk about. It can not, and should not, be limited to just this post. Shahida Arabi was sooo good , I loved her advice so much that I read her book, “The Highly Sensitve Person’s Guide To Dealing With Toxic People: How to Reclaim Your Power From Narcissists and Other Manipulators”. I highly recommend reading this book to help you better deal with any pesky person in your life or to escape from any narcissist . I learned so much from this book. I believe this is a book to carry in your purse or leave in your car when you feel like you need to be reminded of how to deal with someone when you are triggered. I wish I could give this author a hug right now. I wish I could sit with her and have her give me some advice as well. She touches upon topics such as : grey rock method, gas lighting, manipulation, going no contact….This book helped me soo much.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from this book:

Trauma tends to get trapped within the body. Yoga and meditation can be useful outlets to “detox” from the impact of negative situations

Anyone who has treated you with disrespect

does not deserve to be in your life

You can purchase her book here:

What are some books that got you through a tough situation? I am open to more recommendations. Sending lots of love and light to all of you.

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