I took a buffalo yoga class and loved it

Happy International Yoga Day! My therapist recommend that I try new things and take care of me, even if it meant doing something alone. I ventured out solo Saturday to Readington River Buffalo Farm for a buffalo yoga class and I loved every second of it. I found out about the class through Facebook. It is with a company called “Wildflower Sup + Yoga”. They have other events as well that I plan on attending. I’ve been discovering so many new and unique events on Facebook. There’s tons of groups that you can join to connect with other people. I was a bit skeptical about going to the farm by myself . This was completely out of my comfort zone. I was nervous as hell. I don’t tend to do things alone. I tend to drag a friend, my mother or my sister to things with me to keep me company. No one was interested in doing yoga on a farm near buffalos. But I thought, when would you ever have the chance to do yoga near buffalos again?! I sucked it up for this and took the 35 minute ride to the farm. I was committed to following through the process.

The drive to the farm was scenic, so scenic, that I wished that I lived in the area. You can see buffalos as soon as you arrived to the farm. It’s a beautiful farm! When you drive to the back of the farm you’ll not only pass buffalos but horses as well. Every animal was so close, you could just about touch them. I loved it. I arrived a few minutes late but thankfully the group didn’t head out on the hayride. Everyone was friendly and greeted me. Someone even took a picture of me in the saloon. We lathered ourselves in sunscreen and hopped onto a hayride that took us past pastures, cows and other buffalos to an opened field. There was a woman on the hayride that explained the history of the farm and even passed around a buffalo nail so that we could feel the weight of it.

It was hot. I think it was about 95 degrees out. I remember saying to the group ” Okay I can see why they insisted we bring sunblock”. The hayride dropped us off right in front of buffalos and only a gate separated us from them. It was amazing. The yoga instructor pulled out a spirit animal card from her tarot deck to read to us. The spirit animal was the buffalo. How fitting right? lol After reading the card, we did our yoga practice. We stopped here and there to drink water. It was so hot, so hot that I actually poured water all over my yoga mat to keep it cool. It was then that I realized that the class turned into a “hot yoga” session. It was a great session though. The yoga instructor did all of the right moves that my body needed and to help me ground myself. This may sound crazy but despite the heat, I felt more relaxed and at ease. Maybe it was just being out in nature that made me feel so good or maybe it was the one buffalo that kept staring at us during our practice. I felt absolutely amazing. I felt healed, beautiful and confident. I was supposed to be there. I felt as if I was falling back in love with myself.

Afterwards, we took the hayride back to barn passing by more buffalos and cows. Before I headed back home, I went into the shop where they sold buffalo ravolli and other items. I can’t wait to try the ravolli, I heard it was amazing. I plan to do more events like this. I need to be outdoors more. Something about being outdoors is healing for me. I need more of it. I wish I could operate my own farm and just be at one with everything. I love it so much.

I hope you step out of your comfort zone, try new things, meet new people and discover so much more about yourself. Fall in love with you.

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