Romanticizing My Life

I decided to romanticize my life. I decided to make it my mission to enjoy every single aspect of my life, to do things with ease, to digest things, to take things all in. The yoga class that I spoke about in my previous post really changed my perspective on life. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. When was the last time you really thoroughly enjoyed yourself? The thing is, I enjoyed MYSELF, I didn’t bring anyone with me to the event as a crutch of some sorts. I was there on the farm surrounded by buffalos and new faces in the middle of the heat wave. It was fun.

It can totally seem like a simple act but sometimes simple is what makes things even sweeter and allows you to relish in the moment. For instance, I drive through a reservation to get to work. It’s such a beautiful drive. I actually stopped on my way home, parked the car, got out and went for a little walk amongst the woods. I took pictures as well. I envisioned living in a beautiful home tucked in the woods with my daughter like a scene from a hallmark movie, baking cookies and other treats with her, and you know what? I enjoyed doing that. I feel beautiful when I am outside in nature. It totally feels like I am in my own hallmark movie when I am. That’s how I want to feel. That’s how I want to continue to feel in every aspect of my life.

I am going to get up early in the morning while the baby is sleeping and do a yoga session outside. I am going to thoroughly enjoy drinking a cup of tea or coffee with every sip. I will do these that make me feel good and meet new people, even if it means doing things alone, like sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop, or participating in another yoga class. I’m going to shop my own closet and wear all of the things that I’ve been saving for some random special occassion that probably wouldn’t ever happen. I’m going to live more and be myself.

Here’s to this part of my journey.

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