Yoga and Wine? Count me in

I ventured out this past weekend to a vineyard for the first time. I know what you’re probably saying, you’ve never been to a vineyard? Yup. I haven’t. I didn’t even know these places existed in New Jersey. I’ve lived in New Jersey all of my 20 something years of living and every one talks about Jersey as if there isn’t anything to do here but I learned that there’s sooo much to discover here in New Jersey. I always thought these places only existed in California due to my love of reality tv shows and netflix in general. There’s a world within itself here in good ole New Jersey and I love discovering new places even if I am doing it solo. Wildflower + Sup Yoga also has a yoga and wine series at Beneduce Vineyards located in Pittstown, NJ, about an hour ride from me but it was worth the trip. It’s a beautiful vineyard with amazing lush views. A group of maybe 15 of us walked through the vineyard to find the perfect spot for our practice. Just like buffalo yoga, it was hot as hell. I lathered myself in sunscreen and was a pile of sweat while wearing my sunglasses throughout the entire flow. The instructor pulled a spirit animal card out of her deck of cards and pulled a “Shark”, which was totally fitting because “Shark Week” starts today July 12th and ends July 17th. What does the shark symbolize? Let’s take a look.

The shark enters your life to predict and guard you against a harmful person or situation you might find yourself in. The one that means you harm will be scared away by the new confidence this shark energy gives you.

This was totally fitting for me as I’ve been really focused on opening my third eye, removing blockages and protecting myself from the evil eye. This spirit animal, was right on time for me. We carried this energy throughout our practice with the sun beaming down on us. You could hear a woman joyfully screamin “yes” in the distance. A proposal and my yoga instructor told me that there was a surprise engagement party being held in the greenhouse we walked by. Beautifully decorated with white tables and string lights surrounded by greenery. I made a mental note to have something there myself.

We all gathered after the yoga session to take a group picture and admire the vineyard. The vineyard is perfect because you can bring your own food there. I brought some salad and we had a glass of red wine called “shotgun”. which had the right amount of sweetness. I plan to visit the vineyard again out of my workout clothes ofcourse and hopefully less sweaty. I enjoyed myself. I was happy to be there. Here’s to trying new things, discovering more of your state and discovering more about ourselves.

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