Dear 2021,

Dear 2021,

I will be one of many people sitting at home this evening barely staying awake to watch you say goodbye. I didn’t think I would make it, you’ve kicked my ass 2021. Who knew that this year would be the year in which I experience motherhood for the first time which entail would lead me to experience postpartum depression and anxiety. We could have stepped outside and handle things like two adults instead of you bringing that depression and anxiety in, but then again… we are still in the middle of a pandemic..I digress. Who knew that I would take the necessary steps to see a therapist who I would end up absolutely loving and being called her “favorite client”. Surely, I didn’t see that playing out for me in 2020. I didn’t project 2021 to be full of tears, anxiety and learning how to pick myself back up again. You surprised me 2021. You really did. Though there were several moments when I didn’t think I would see the light of day, I did. I learned so much about myself within one year. Though it felt like I was constantly falling down a flight of stairs, I got back up right after. *

Please cue Donnie McClurkin’s we fall down, but we get up.

If my life in 2021 was made into a LifeTime movie, there would be some scene where I am staring out of a window while sitting on a bus leading to God knows where while that song played in the forefront. But you know what, I thank you 2021 because this was the year that forced me to look deeper within myself. You and God showed out. This was the year where I wrote two books while pushing through my circumstances and depression. This was the year that I grew closer to God. This was the year where I strived to find my true purpose and not settle for anything that wrecked my soul. At times, I stepped outside of myself. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and thrived. I laughed. I met some pretty cool people. I did yoga with buffaleos, drank wine after sitting in the middle of absolute heatwave at a vineyard. I even glided down the Delaware River in a tube while it thunderstormed which felt like being on an eposide of Survivor.

That’s what I did in 2021. I survived.

I wanted to thank you 2021 for all that you have done because you started this healing journey that I am now sharing on this blog with those that chose to follow my journey.

I’m excited to still be here.

Thank you.

*please take Covid right out the door with you okay?

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