My Tulsi Plant Died

My Tulsi plant died. I ventured to an Indian Grocery Store this past summer to pick up some incense and henna hair dye. During this trip, I discovered a Tulsi (Holy Basil) plant for sale sitting in it’s pot on the ground in front of the stores’ many many incense sticks and cones. I was already a lover of Tulsi ( Holy Basil) tea and it’s many many healing properities. I grabbed the plant, purchased it and repotted it when I got home. I made it a home in my window and hung it in a macarame. I wanted to make sure that it had the right light. I encouraged this Tulsi to grow and to be whoever it wanted to be while being open to receiving all of the many goodness it would bring to me. The Tulsi plant surprisingly began to grow and thrive. I made sure to care for it. The plant grew so well that I considered getting other plants to take care of so that I can build up my tribe.

Here are some benefits of a Tulsi Plant:

  • protection/prosperity
  • consuming the plant is calm-inducing, excellent for heart health, harmonizes your mind, body & spirit
  • heightens awareness and mental clarity

I spoke to that Tulsi plant. We had many conversations besides, “please don’t die on me”. I know I didn’t have much of a green thumb but this plant, this plant was doing good for me. Then one day, it wilted and died. OUT OF NO WHERE. It completely threw me off because I thought I was giving the plant the proper care. I immeditaly went to GOOGLE. I was tired of killing plants.

I read somewhere that when house plants die, it meant that it protected you from something and that the job was done. I wondered if that Tulsi plant played a vital role in protecting me from some unknown force and had served its purpose. If you aren’t spiritual, reglious, I get it. I get get it, but I am. I think instead of saying that “I don’t have much of a green thumb”, I will now say that the plant did what needed to be done. It’s all about perspective.

a random picture of me

This also reminded me of the entire 2021 year for me. It was fitting for this plant to wilt the week before the year ended. I believe this plant truly served it’s purpose with helping me heal throughout the summer and fall. Perhaps this is why so many people become plant lovers. Perhaps plant lovers have this unspeakable connection with their plants. Among the list of many things to be grateful for, I have to give thanks to that little plant that I discovered in that grocery store that day. It truly got me through some very tough days.

I am excited to see all the good that awaits for me in the year 2022 and to encourage many other plants to grow. Apart of this newness, I plan on switching up some of the content in 2022. I will remain on this healing journey, going to therapy and sharing my stories with all of you, but I will review books as I continue to grow and learn on this journey. Healing is not linear. I am accepting this journey that I am. I am having fun with this. I am exploring ways to be more creative, open honest, me. I hope you continue on this journey with me.

Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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