Leaning Into Bible Study with The Daily Grace Co.

The Tiktok I made about the study

Happy Sunday Everyone.

I’ve been meaning to order from “The Daily Grace Co.” for months now. Not only does the company post beautiful content on their instagram, but they also have great devotions, studies and accessories on their website. Now I must admit, I’ve been slacking with reading my Bible and connecting with God. The combination of postpartum depression and Covid, left that area pretty murky for me. Let’s be real here, because I am human, when someone is in the midst of depression and their mental health is shot, you aren’t thinking of reaching out to God. If you are reaching out to God, you are asking him, “Why Me?” or “What the hell is going in?” . I am not ashamed to admit that, that’s exactly how my mental state was during my depression and ever since Covid hit. It’s been a long long time and I know that God is up there looking down at me like, “Come on Nacia…”

And here I am.

One of my main goals this year is connection. Not only to connect with other mama’s on their postpartum journey but to connect with God. I placed two orders on “The Daily Grace Co.”s website and they arrived, beautifully packed. I was so excited to start them.

Looking back at my confirmation emails, I ordered the following devotions and bible studies:

I grabbed my Bible, journal, highlighters, pens, coconut water and sat down to begin the study.

I started with “Faith Questions on Suffering” because I had so many unanswered questions . The Study was the perfect size and companion for my Bible. I carried it in my work bag for times for when I needed a little reminder. Although it is a short read, it is full of so many gems. I found myself in tears while reading through it because I thought, ” God, while I was going through these situations and feelings, you were still there. You carried me through so much and I am now just realizing it. ” This reading encouraged me to take step back and Thank God for all that he has done and for all that he has yet to do.

I then moved on to, “It is Well: Walking Away From Anxiety And Into God’s Word”. This is a three week study on anxiety. It contains five days of material and a reflection after each week. I highly recommend doing the study as stated, per day and not rushing through it. The study really encourages you to sit with each verse and reflect on God’s word. It encourages you to relate to your own experiences as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this study .

Perhaps the brushes we have with anxiety aren’t a punishment or a fate of doom. Perhaps it is an opportunity for us to cling to the Lord, letting Him fight (and win) the battles for us

The Daily Grace Co, It Is Well: Walking Away From Anxiety And Into God’s Word

The study enouraged me to:

  • Cast all of my anxiety and burdens on God
  • Focus on my prayer life
  • Understand that anxiety, depression does not last long
  • Trust God
  • Meditate on the word of God
  • Be comforted knowing that God has my back, that God is fighting these battles with me

I believe The Daily Grace Co. has soo many resources for those looking to deepen their prayer life and walk with God. I will keep each study in my bookcase for times in which I need moments of reflection and reminders. I have several more studies that will help me on this journey of connecting with God more throughout the year. I highly recommend checking out their website as well, https://thedailygraceco.com/

Here’s to finding comfort and peace this year.

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