Affirmation Cards for Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Hello Everyone. I wanted to show you all what’s new in the lavenderblissonline Etsy Shop. We have a new digital download available . The digital download contains 34 affirmation cards to accompany you along your healing journey. These affirmations are all so dear to my heart and are affirmations that I myself have used along my journey. Why are affirmation cards so powerful? When meditated on affirmations can help reduce negative thoughts and increase a sense of calmness as well as happiness.

The digital download contains so many powerful affirmations such as:

I take all of the time I need to heal

When thoughts come to me, I am to let them pass

I can pratice patience and compassion with myself and my baby

This year is all about connection! We are all not only connecting with eachother, with God, but with ourselves. I hope you all enjoy them.

Link to Etsy Shop:

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