Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media Book Review

I just finished reading Brittany Hennessy’s “Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media” and we have to talk about it here on the blog. One of my favorite influencers, loveMichelleAna, spoke about this book on her YouTube channel and I decided to check it out. I finished the book rather quickly and highlighted a few sections. As a blogger, I wanted to step up my blogging game a little bit and make it a bit more professional. Though I want to become more professional here on the blog, I also want to be sure that I am still authentic and geniune with you all.

Brittany Hennessy does an excellent job in giving you insight into the world of marketing for influencers. She does such a great job with including stories from actual influencers as well. She tells you how to write a catchy about me section, contact page and so much more. Basically how to clean up your online presence to attract new followers and/or readers.

I have to admit, while reading this, I became discouraged. She refered to influencers that had wayyy more followers than I do. I mean, I’m a new blogger, and though I am extremely grateful and blessed to have all of you, I am no where near the amount of followers she speaks of throughout this book, which makes me think that perhaps, this book wasn’t really meant for readers like me. I wanted to put the book down and maybe pick it up later in life when I was ready. I am still convinced that this book was for those that have an actual following of more than 25K and not for little ole me. Perhaps, those that are marketing this book should be a bit more specific in the type of audience they are attracting. Perhaps, this was written this way to encourage those with less than 50 to step their game up. Either way, this book reminds me that :

Me sharing some thoughts on TikTok on creating content & doing what I love to do

Marketing is hard as hell

-Nacia Jackson

Blogging is not hard because I enjoy creating content that I actually like and am passionate about. The hard part is marketing yourself. I feel like marketing takes up soo much of my time and energy. While reading this, my anxiety did spike a couple of times, thinking of all of the work that I had to do. I am already plotting on taking a break within the next couple of months. I decided to take my blog to other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. I now find myself stepping outside of the box and curating eye appealing content on Instagram while trying to remain as authentic as possible instead of only posting here on the blog and leaving that post here. I want others to read my work. I want to share my story with those that are willing to listen. I’m all about genuine exposure and connection right now. This year is all about connection remember? This book is great to discover tips on how to market on different platforms.

Brittany also touches upon contracts, having an agent, campaigns and publisicts, which I am not in that area of my life yet, but I appreciate her insight. This is a great companion for those that are serious about being an  influencer who already have a great following and for those that are already established in that realm. I really really wish the book had just a tad bit more of what I was looking for and just a tad bit more of quotable words of encouragement. It didn’t really give great insight on building your own brand, it was more so, how to market yourself. I’ll keep this book in my bookcase for when I reach the level of followers she speaks of, but I don’t think this was for me.

If you know of any inspirational journalisim or blogging books, please comment below!

2 thoughts on “Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media Book Review

  1. Interesting post. I’ll be adding this book to my TBR list because I’m always open to learning new things about marketing myself. And boy is there a lot of paucity where my marketing is concerned. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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