Twosday 2/22/22

Today is Tuesday 2/22/22 and according to numerology, 222 symbolizes balance, duality and harmony. It’s a pluto return and a transformation is on its way.  It’s an amazing energy to align with today and I am trying my hardest to connect with it. 2022, for me, is about connection overall. It’s a great day to sit with yourself, meditate, manifest some good shit and prepare for a complete transformation.  I spent some time outdoors with my daughter, Nova, yesterday preparing for today. We spent a good hour at the park, sliding, swinging, walking, and touching the earth. Watching your little one grow, learn and be curious about the world is such a beautiful thing, but also feels like I am grieving the newborn she once was. As I stare into her brown eyes and see her smile, it really pulls on my heart strings. Nonetheless, I’ve been all about grounding myself ever since she was born. Being outdoors is the best remedy for anything. Something bothering you? Get outdoors. Trust me, being amongst the trees, sitting under the blue sky, works wonders and also helps your little one sleep well.  I am really looking forward to having consistent warm weather in the spring so that I can get back to planting my feet in the dirt. I miss that. 

I started my day off with reading my Bible and found a 15 minute guided meditation on Youtube that some beautiful being especially curated for today. I took my time lathering myself in my favorite lotions and oils. Even putting on lashes this morning.  I had enough time this morning to sit at the kitchen table to indulge in a  cup of my favorite mushroom coffee and starbucks creamer that I frothed. I ended up spilling some of that coffee on my shirt and having to change my shirt, but I didn’t let that get me down. Not today Satan.

Though you will find others on social media, manifesting, celebrating and praising today. If you are struggling with any emotions today, it’s okay. If the only thing you can do today is rest, rest.  I plan on showing myself some extra love today and doubling up on both my self-care and soul care routines. I plan on opening up a new book today (Dare To Bloom: Trusting God Through Painful Endings and New Beginnings by Zim Flores) and beginning a new study from The Daily Grace Co (Redeeming Your Phone Time). I plan on taking today with ease and showing myself complete love and grace. I am so grateful for where I am right now in my life and that took a while for me to be content with that. Today I am appreciating that feeling. 

Many blessings to all of you.


2 thoughts on “Twosday 2/22/22

  1. Of course this resonates with me because I’m in to numerology, but it also resonates because my energy readings are telling me that I’m a bit ungrounded! Mind blown. So, this post is further confirmation for me to do the grounding work and try to get outside and get my feet in the earth weather permitting.

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