An Update On My Low-Buy Journey

If there was ever a time to practice a low-buy/no-buy, it is now. I went to Target over the weekend and I ventured off to their haircare section. I have a thing for headbands and hair accessories partly because it hides my postpartum edges, even though my hair has grown back. (see the photo of me in my favorite headband lol )To my surprise, the price of one headband was $15. FOR ONE HEADBAND. I was flabbergasted. Yesterday I picked up my phone and texted Michelle (who is also featured in a Valentines post on my blog) about how ridiculous prices have gone up. I did not buy that headband because what?! Inflation is real folks. The price of everything has gone up, except our salaries.

Besides inflation, I’ve been enjoying the low-buy. Going on a low-buy really forced me to wear all that is in my closet. This also helped me have an idea of how I would like my wardrobe to be curated and hold firm to using items that work for my skin. Too often we have items in our closet that just sits on a hanger, never been worn. Over the weekend, I tried on those particular items. If the item no longer fit well, I placed them into my “to be donated” pile. If I knew that I would never wear the item, I placed them into my “to be donated” pile.

It felt great to finally stick to items that I actually wore. I will probably end up going through my closet again for another clean sweep. I would love to have less things in my closet and dresser to be honest. I’ve been on a decluttering kick and I found that the less things I have, the better I feel. Perhaps this is a way of coping with anxiety, but less is truly satisfying and easy to keep that particular area clean. I go through so many bouts of decluttering to the point where I literally just want to dump my entire closet into a bag.

Society has developed a rather unhealthy relationship with stuff. We hold on to so many things that no longer serves us for the sake of having that thing or having temporary joy. We indulge so much in wants instead of serving our needs. I am tired of doing that. I no longer want to do that. Yes, it’s okay to splurge every now and then, but do we really need that thing. That thing will probably just sit on your dresser somewhere. Do we really need another eyeshadow palatte that has the same neutral tones of the five other palattes in our makeup kits?

I had my share of buying clothes for myself from SHEIN because it was affordable and cute. Is that trendy item really worth it though? A lot of the clothes I’ve donated were SHEIN items! Honestly, the clothes that I’ve thrifted years ago are still in my closet till this day. Not only is thrifting just as affordable, my thrifted clothes are so much better quality than SHEIN clothes. I find that my thrifted clothes even allows me to find ways to be creative in wearing them. I have more fun and feel much more comfortable wearing items that I have thrifted. I find that shopping in the mens section while thrifting is way better than shopping in a women’s section. A thrifted men’s denim jacket or corduroy jacket is made with such great quality and I can wear them for many years to come.

I am finding joy in owning less. I am continuing my low buy throughout 2022 and will continue to declutter so much more items. Watching decluttering, cleaning and low buy videos on youtube/Tik Tok, all inspire me to continue this part of my journey. There’s something about watching content that fit the season you are in your life and cleaning up your feeds to ensure that you see people, places, things that only inspire you on your journey. I am doing more of that too.

Here’s to saving our coins, keeping items that we love and using up things that only makes us feel good.

When my low-buy journey started.


Help! I just placed ANOTHER order on Shein for myself and my baby girl. Why must things be so cheap, affordable and easily accessible? I have the freakin app right on my phone and while I am nursing my baby during the night, I reach for my phone and open that app. Sigh* But here’s…

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