As Well: A Discussion On Mental Health, Self-Care & Healing For Men

I was inspired to continue the discussion on mental health here on the blog. The From The Garden of Eden Series brought me so much joy and I am glad to see so many mama’s relate to each one of the stories shared. I would like to continue a discussion on mental health and continue to have others share their stories here on the blog. I wanted to create a platform for men here as well. I feel as if society is slowly becoming welcoming to including men in conversations involving self-care. We honestly do not hear much about men discussing mental health, self-care and soul care. Is this because of society’s stigma in men not being vulnerable? Yes, there are men like Charlamagne Tha God that advocate for therapy and bring awareness to mental health, but I wanted more of that conversation and to allow others to read stories of men that have experienced this. I have to admit, it also brings me comfort to see men on Tiktok doing daily self-care routines, whether it be cleaning, or just daily vlogs. We need more of that.

Why is the series called “As Well” you ask? Because men experience issues regarding mental health as well and they should be included in the discussion.

Let’s continue to bring awareness to doing things that are good for our souls, that make us feel better, that make us feel whole and loved. I’ve reached out to a handful of men to discuss self-care, mental health and soul care. Starting on March 21, 2022, we will take a look at their stories. I hope you stay a while, grab a cup of coffee or tea. Let’s get ready.

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