My Self-Published Book Turns 1 Today!

One year ago, I self-published my first book, “In The Middle of A Pandemic: A Pregnancy Journey”. Though this is an accomplishment in itself, and I am very much proud of myself, being a self-published author isn’t easy. This book started it all. This book is the backbone of lavenderblissonline. I started writing this book when I first discovered that I was pregnant with my daughter Nova. This book is a combination of journal entries leading up to postpartum. I discuss everything from the decision to become a single parent, being pregnant during a global pandemic, shame, the decision to have a midwife, the decision to have an epidural and so much more. I, myself, will probably never re-read this book. When copies of this book arrived in the mail, I placed a couple of copies in a green box covered with little flowers on it, as a keepsake for Nova so that she can read this when she gets older. I just love the idea of keeping bits of pieces of myself for her to look back on.

Are there any authors that read their own work over and over again, because I struggle with doing that. This is one of my pieces of work that is so precious to me and so triggering for me that I can not open this book again. Crazy right? How can I pour my heart and soul out onto these pages and never read them again? I thought about that as I approached this one year mark date. I am not the same person I was when I wrote that book. If you placed the book in front of me, I probably would tell you to put it away. 

I wrote that book in the midst of prenatal depression and in the midst of postpartum depression so you can imagine the intensity throughout the book. I wrote this book during the pandemic where many other people were struggling with their mental health due to isolation. I decided to see a therapist a couple of months AFTER this book was published and I wish I had started seeing a therapist throughout my pregnancy. If God ever blesses me with more children in the future, I will promptly double up on my sessions.

This book is precious to me, and though I myself can not open this book right now, I shared it with the world to bring awareness to PPD/PPA hoping that some other mama can understand that they are not alone in their journey. If I can reach one mama that is going through this and know that this too shall pass…it will bring me tremendous amounts of joy. Since writing the book, I’ve donated copies to non-profit organizations such as Women Aware, which is a non-profit organization helping women move beyond domestic violence. Since writing this book, Nova turned 1 years old. Life will surprise you.

If you are a follower of this blog, I do recommend reading this  book so that you can understand my journey as well. In honor of the one-year anniversary, starting 03/10/22, the kindle version of this book will be available free of charge on Amazon up until the 15th of this month.

Happy one-year to me.

Sending so much love and light to all of you.

Link to book:

In the Middle of a Pandemic: A Pregnancy Journey

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Hey there! I’m Nacia. I’m a self-care and mental health advocate. Writing to me is therapeutic. In my spare time, you will find me reading books, sipping my favorite coffee and taking pictures of my daughter.

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