Inflation & Social Media Annoy Me Right Now

There’s been a couple of things on my mind as of lately and I’d like to share them with you in hopes of others relating to this. Let’s discuss inflation. How are we finding ways to practice self-care, to show up for ourselves, during these very difficult times when even grocery shopping feels like an absolute luxury and salaries are not increasing? I lost my temper when savaging the grocery store for a pair of pull ups for my daughter after realizing that the ONE affordable brand that my daughter used had been out of stock for weeks. It appeared that I was either no longer the one opting into more affordable brands, as the cost of diapers increased or the store was having difficulty obtaining the brand of diapers I was looking for.  I decided to focus more on potty training. These are the times we are in folks. How can we properly care for ourselves when times seem to drastically fail us?  

I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog on how I am into gardening. During the pandemic, I discovered the importance of growing your own food and finding ways to incorporate herbs in my daily life. I highly encourage you to start a garden today, whether you have a small space, a balcony or large backyard, grow something, anything that you can eat. Gardening sometimes is a hit or miss  though, especially with the weather (global warming) and requires a lot more patience.  I recently watched a YouTube video by Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara and she went on to discuss how hard it is for farmers during this economic crisis and dealing with global warming. Crops are no longer thriving, bills have doubled and it is ….sad.  It is absolutely disheartening to see how everyone is struggling.

I’ve been trying to keep myself sane by picking up habits I used to have before I was attached to my cellular device. Let me explain, I’ve been enjoying reading more, for hours at a time instead of sitting on my phone scrolling aimlessly on social media. I am enjoying creating my own oil infusions with herbs that I either grew or picked up from a local market.  I have a chamomile and lavender tincture sitting in a mason jar in my basement, waiting for me to use within the next three or four weeks.  I am enjoying venturing out to my local Indian Grocery Stores discovering new incense, trying henna on my hair and discovering new teas.

 I am on the verge of deleting my instagram because of how…silly it feels to post these days or scroll on there. Social media and inflation are two things that annoy me right now. I lost an interest in trying to show up on social media, especially when it just seems so….odd and not beneficial for my mental health.It is an absolute time killer too. Because why am I posting on there anyway on a platform where no one really interacts with you and just wants to be nosey to see what you are up to?  And how the hell are ya’ll affording all of these trips? I digress.

I sunbathed the other day and I absolutely enjoyed just laying there, sweating, lathering tanning oil on my body and reading a book. I am learning to get back to the basic habits that I once enjoyed. Crazy how society and social media will influence you to get away from the things that you once loved. Inflation has forced me to find new ways to practice self-care. To find ways to bring joy and peace in my life instead of having shopping sprees. To understand that happiness, peace, joy all of these things come from inside of me, and rather not in an expensive purchase.  Maybe, maybe this is a part of healing and this part isn’t about self-care? Maybe this is forcing us to pratice more intensely on soul-care. We are in a time where we have to be still, be silent, learn a new hobby, pray more, connect with our ancestors, go into hermit mode and learn to thrive in that space, for now.

I hope you all find ways to bring in a bit more peace in your life during these times as I am. Thank you for sticking with me.

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