Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan Book Club Discussion Questions

I am so late with sending out book club questions for this month’s book club read ya’ll. I am so sorry. Your girl has been OVERWORKING and life has been lifeing. I am excited to discuss this book with all of you tonight. Before I Let Go is by far the best book I’ve read so far in 2023 and I am looking forward to fangirling about it.

Here are a few questions to consider for our call tonight:

  1. Do you find the family dynamic in this book relatable and realistic? Why or why not?
  2. Let’s talk about loss. Do you feel that the loss of their child changed their relationship? Do you think that, had they not lost their child, their marriage would have thrived? Why or why not?
  3. What do you like or don’t like about the characters in this book?
  4. Let’s talk about therapy. At first Josiah was completely against going to therapy himself. What are your personal thoughts on therapy? How is therapy normalized in today’s society? Do you find that mental health in society is more so catered to women rather than men?
  5. Why do you think Kennedy Ryan highlighted friendship in this book? What is the importance of friendship when it comes to healing experience?
  6. What are thoughts on Vashti and Josiah’s relationship?
  7. What was your favorite part of this book?
  8. What was your least favorite part?
  9. Would you re-read this book again? Why or why not?
  10. Do you find that this story is similar to another?

Happy Reading Folks! See you soon.

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