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“Coffee & Things” and “In The Middle of A Pandemic: A Pregnancy Journey” are both available on Amazon. Check out the blogs below!

A Look Into “Coffee & Things”

Hey you, dear reader. haha. I decided to share a chapter with you from my book, “Coffee & Things”. I had so much fun writing this book and I do plan on discussing this book with you more. The book can be found on Amazon. Chapter 7: Love Spell Years passed just as fast as […]

My Second Book-Coffee and Things

I’m super excited to share that my second book, “Coffee & Things”, is now out on Amazon. The Ebook is also available for purchase. I had sooo much fun writing this book. My last book, “In the Middle of a Pandemic: A Pregnancy Journey”, was a story that needed to be told. It was heavy. […]

In the Middle of a Pandemic: A Pregnancy Journey

Hello again. Life, has happened. Well, life is always happening right? I took more than enough time away from this platform, but I am back. While life was happening, I changed careers. I left good ole Corporate America and went into the school district. Can we just address the level of toxicity that Corporate America […]