Supporting Small Businesses

I will always support small businesses, always. I shop on Etsy for everything. There are various shops on Etsy each with very unique items and I love supporting artistry. Shopping on Etsy is straight therapy for me. I’m guilty of exploring other means of self care instead of actually going to therapy. I do plan on going though. I started shopping on Etsy more when I had my baby girl. I would wake up in the middle of the night to nurse her and when she fell back to sleep, I’d open the Etsy app on my phone . A bunch of items would be added to my cart. In the haze of diaper changes, breastfeeding and rocking my baby, I would purchase all of those items that were in my cart and wake up hours later forgetting that I purchased them. It was bad. It was dangerous. It was addictive.

If there was an AA meeting of some sort, a support group for Etsy shoppers, I would be there fully participating in that circle:

Hi, my names Nacia and I’m addicted to shopping on Etsy..

It all started with one purchase of a facial cleanser…

If you’re in the market to buy things you don’t need, I highly suggest checking out that website. I’ve purchased handmade teething rings, toys, and onesies for Nova. I’ve purchased skincare, haircare, health essentials, birthday gifts, and wedding gifts. I’ve purchased items for my drive-by- baby shower from Etsy from this website as well.

Dab & Dabble

I love supporting small businesses and I love how grateful these businesses are when you purchase something from their shop. Majority of the shops I’ve purchased from have put a hand written note inside and a free item from their shop as a thank you. So personal. So thoughtful. I love that for us. I love that majority of the shops are woman owned. I haven’t had an issue with customer service on Etsy either. Everyone that I’ve spoken to were friendly and helpful. I’m sure like every business, there are some that have horrible customer service stories, but I haven’t experienced one. (Knock on wood)

When you support handmade you are not

just supporting a person

small business, family, our economy; you

are purchasing a small part of an artist’s heart


I am fully committed to ordering all of my skincare items from Etsy. Many of the products that I order are packed with organic and natural ingredients. I love how effective and affordable the products are. Before Etsy, I spent sooo much money at big name stores trying to find the right product for my skin. I can now say that I have a set skincare routine.

To name a few, here is a list of shops that I’ve been loving:

RootedEarth Farm
  1. RootedEarth Farm- an herbal apothecary, herb farm and botanical skincare shop. I’ve purchased the Chaga Toner, Goddess Tea, Chaga Tea, Perfume. tinctures…almost the entire shop. As I write this, I am waiting for a couple of items to arrive in the mail. The chaga toner is a skincare staple. My face freaks out without it.
  2. Dab & Dabble- plant based skincare. If you follow me on instagram you’d see that I use her products quite often. I love the toners and facial oils. They pack such a punch and the packaging is fantastic. She wrote the cutest handwritten note to me when I had my baby as well . (That’s how much I love her shop).
  3. Sundays Moonplant based skincare. She uses pure and organic ingredients that my skin just seems to love. I’ve been loving the turmeric eye cream and the matte makeup primer/moisturizer. I use the marshmallow/moringa hairspray/detangler for my daughters hair. It leaves her hair smelling amazing as well.
  4. The Pine Torch- For Baby Clothing/Mommy and me sets, Sage, Woven Fringe Blankets- this is a new shop that I came across. I recently purchased a hand woven throw blanket from this shop and I’ve been clicking the tracking button multiple times a day. I plan to add a couple of baby onesis and t-shirts to my daughters wardrobe.

If you haven’t shopped on Etsy, give it a try. Support a small business. You won’t regret it.

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