This is what happens when you have locs and experience PPD

Being a woman is amazing isn’t it?

Hello friend! I hate to admit this, but this is my reality…I am still experiencing postpartum hair loss. I’ve lost over 15+ locs in counting. Now I know what you’re saying, damnnn Nacia, because I’ve said this to myself everytime I held a loc in my hand or anytime I massaged black castor oil in those bald spots in hopes of it growing back. I had locs scattered everywhere. I had locs that fell out in my car, my dresser and the bathroom floor. The shedding is part hormones and part stress. It’s amazing what levels of stress can do to your body and also amazingly sad. It’s a pretty traumaticizing thing to be honest. Us women hold so much validity in our hair. I don’t know when this will stop.

The wound is the place where the light enters you”


I considered shaving off my hair, rocking a buzz cut and starting fresh. I could pull it off. I thought it would feel like a rebirth. It would be fun. It would be needed. l did however notice that there has been improvements in growth around my edges. With every drop of castor oil and every spritz of rosewater, my hair is growing back, slowly but surely. I decided to take the new growth that I do have and start new locs and wear my hair in loc petals in a meantime. Growth does not happen as fast as we want it to. This process, like any period of growth, is awkward, uncomfortable, slow but necessary. All I can do is embrace myself, nurture myself and continue to go on this journey with ease and grace.

I made some changes in my hair care regimen since my last post to ensure that I am not only taking care of my scalp but getting to the root of the stress and hormones. I am taking better care of my body. I upped my vitamins! I implemented hair, skin and nail pills into my routine and started taking a cleaner multivitamin formula. I also added collagen. I also decided to take better care of my gut health.

It’s time for me to take my power back in all areas of my life, including my wellbeing. I am excited to see the growth.

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!

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