Seven Days in June: A Review & Spoiler

Merry Christmas! I am in a haze of waking up early and needing more sleep. However, I wanted to come here to share my thoughts on “Seven Days in June” by Tia Williams. This is the first book I’ve read by Tia Williams. If you haven’t read it yet, I am sorry but I will be dropping spoilers in this post. This was one of the books that I picked up from my local library that remained untouched in my “Therapy Looks Good on You” tote bag. Like many other books I’ve picked up from the library, I did not have the time to read it. Its’ return to library date came and I grabbed my tote bag, put in the car and made a mental note to return it when I got off of work that day. Instead of returning the book, something told me to renew it. I did. I renewed it and made time to read it. I picked up some Vegan Thai Food and a bottle of my favorite wine. I devoured every inch of “Seven Days in June”. I finished the novel last night and had to discuss it with someone, with anyone, in full out fan mode.

At first the book started off slow, but it later picked up. It’s an amazing mix of romance, trauma and healing. It tells a story of two highschoolers, Eva and Shane, who had a thing for seven days in June. They become successfull writers in their own rights and later end up reconnecting. It’s not as simple as I describe it. I’m leaving a lot of it out. The two writers, actually wrote about eachother in their novels. Leaving bits and pieces of clues for each other. Not knowing the other would read it, but they did. That’s one of the amazing things about being a writer, you can plant those that you love, or hate, in your work, like a best kept secret. I did this in my book “Coffee & Things” .


“I know what I was like.” “You don’t.” Shane went dead serious. “You burst into my solitude, demanding to be seen. You were overwhelming. Just wild and weird and brilliant, and I never had a choice. I liked everything about you. Even the scary parts. I wanted to drown in your fucking bathwater.”

Tia Williams, Seven Days in June

Both Eva and Shane, need therapy. Everytime Eva’s head throbbed in pain I wanted to tell her to try to get the best doctors because I felt the pain for her. I am glad that they reconnected in the book. If a movie were to be made for “Seven Days in June” , I personally thing Jonathan Majors would be an excellent Shane. Hear me out! Though Shane is depicited as having hazel eyes, it’s okay to omit that part. Jonathan Majors embodies the swag, the sexy, the coolness in his work. Have you seen him in Love Craft Country AND The Harder They Fall? Come on. He would perform that role as an English Teacher with a troubled past, a writer, a lover…oh so good. Tia Williams, if you ever read this, consider this, please.

As for Eva, I am still on the fence on who I think would play an amazing Eva. I am thinking, Bresha Webb. Hear me out again and think about this. This role would be a great role for her especially with the bits of pieces of humor that Eva has. The relationship Eva has with her daughter Audre, reminds me of Bresha. BUT I was also thinking, Tika Sumpter. After watching TIka Sumpter in “Nobodys Fool”, I think Tika and Jonathan Majors would have excellent chemistry on screen. (Though I rather play Eva aside Jonathan Majors anyway..I digress)

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The book made me laugh, made me feel sexy, and made me sad at the same time. I haven’t sat and really enjoyed a book in a very long time. It felt great. I feel good. I needed this read.

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Reading.

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