I Fell in Love With Hot Yoga

Happy Black Maternal Health Week Everyone! This week I want to discuss two things that I’m loving and that involves taking care of my physical self. Us mama’s do so much for our little ones and we tend to put ourselves on hold.  As soon as the winter season changed to spring, I became more attuned with my physical body and the depression slid away.  I spent all of 2020-2021 nurturing my mental health but neglecting my physical and spiritual self.   This year I’ve made it my mission to connect with my physical body and the spiritual realm. I am taking the extra step to nurture my physical self. I haven’t been too kind to my body with its newly found curves and extra love handles after having my daughter Nova. In all honesty, I probably still look pregnant. I stepped on the scale the other day and I am 10 pounds under my pregnancy weight. Whew. I’m excited to finally take some time out of my daily routine and cultivate new loving habits, to not only lose some of this weight, but feel good. 

I got back into yoga. You see, yoga and I have this on and off relationship. One minute I am so connected to this practice, buying new yoga mats and yoga accessories, and then the next minute my yoga mat is untouched in my yoga bag that I purchased from Amazon.  I find that I tend to revisit yoga during the summer and spring. I had so much fun with yoga last summer. I did yoga and wine as well as buffalo yoga. I am planning on going back this spring/summer!  I wish that I was more disciplined in yoga and I wish that I had stuck with it to the point where I am able to graciously do headstands. Had I been more dedicated to the practice, I’m sure I would have by now. Nonetheless,  I am excited to be back on the mat now.

I fell in love with hot yoga.  The studio had a special going on at a great price for unlimited yoga. I’ve tried a couple of different studios and found this one to be appealing. The cost of membership per month is $108 though (a bit too much for my liking, so I am grateful for this unlimited yoga discount). Had the studio allowed me to take pictures, I would have had to document this experience, however, the studio had a sign on the door that stated, “ No phones allowed, this is a sacred place”. I love that for us. It felt so good to be away from my phone and on the mat. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming.

The yoga studio was set at 101 degrees. Yes, chile. It was warm but I set my intentions for being on the mat. The instructor started the class off with breathwork and alternate nostril breathing. I loved that we spent at least 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the class sitting on top of a block, focusing on our breath. It was so calming. Then we started moving. The more we glided and held poses, the more I started to sweat. The instructor played a Janet Jackson playlist which was cool and accompanied us throughout the entire routine. At random moments I would chime in with Janet as she blasted through the speakers.

It was hot. 

I found that the more the heat kicked up and the more I started to sweat, the easier it was to get into poses. My body loved the mixture of heat and sweat. The release of tension, stress and months and months of being unkind to myself. The sweat itself was healing. I feel like this class, this yoga experienced, saved me. Some thoughts that ran through out my head during the class:

Is this who I am meant to be?

Oh shit

I can do this and then some

I am one powerful woman

I wonder how my butt looks right now

I am becoming

Why did I wait so long to try this?

My body needed this, my soul needed this

It was honestly one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever taken. I usually do not go for headstands during the class, but the instructor made me feel so confident and comfortable in my skin that she had me try a modified headstand ya’ll! Blocks are my new best friend. I did a couple of modified inversions that had my legs all up in the air. I felt terrific. I felt like I could do this more often. 

If you are hesitant to take a hot yoga class, I highly recommend trying one or two out. I’ll provide another update as my unlimited classes come to an end later this month. Here’s to loving ourselves and taking care of our body. 

Here’s a before yoga class selfie for the blog.

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