Our First Book Club Meeting Is Almost Here!

Can you believe our first book club meeting is basically a week away? Mind blown! I am excited to discuss this book with all of you on March 24th. If you haven’t registered for the book club meeting, please do so at the link below. The book club is completely free, well, not completely, you just need to buy the book or explore your local library for the copy of the book . I want this event to really be a discussion. I am looking forward to creating space to talk about this book and allowing ourselves to feel everything, even if the conversation gets a bit uncomfortable. It’s a great book that leaves room for connection and opens way for debates.

I am sharing a list of questions to encourage you to think about the book even more as well. These questions came to mind while I read the book for the second time. Though I will most likely ask a few of these questions, please feel free to bring questions of your own to the event. Happy Reading Folks.

  1. How do you define love? Do you think our definition of love is defined by our perception of love or lack of love from childhood?
  2. Are you comfortable with sharing how your childhood experiences shaped your perception of love?
  3. How has today’s culture shaped our perception of love especially the use of social media?
  4. Is love still a thing in our society?
  5. Bell hooks writes, “As a nation, we need to gather our collective courage and face that our society’s lovelessness is a wound” How are you addressing your wounds?
  6. How do you think Bell Hooks would feel about the rise of gentle parenting?
  7. Bell Hook writes, “Intense spiritual and emotional lack in our lives is the perfect breeding ground for material greed and overconsumption. In a world without love the passion to connect can be replaced by the passion to possess.” How does this relate to overconsumption today?
    1. Overconsumption in material gains and in social media, I think.  
  8. On Friendship: Bell Hooks writes, “Learning to love in friendships empowers us in ways that enable us to bring this love to other interactions with family or with romantic bonds”
    1. -Are your friendships thriving? What brings you joy in your friendships?
    1. -Consider how friendships tend to end when a friend enters a relationship
    1. -How can friendships last even when a friend has entered a new stage in their lives?
  9. Can love and abuse co-exist? Let’s Debate on this.
  10. How has this book changed your perception on love? What is your takeaway?
  11. What was a teaching moment for you?
  12. What other books have you read by Bell Hooks?

Register for the Book Club Meeting Here: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZArcuytpjwjG9HVrWBzxqFgm4MB3ZFJqnIn

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